Willowed Wisps Hamlet

This cozy hamlet in the Gulthmere Forest is the haven and home of the Wayward Students

New Home to the Wayward Students

Sent here by the Druid Lree, the Wayward students were happy to have a place to rest their weary bones for a bit.

Unexpected Wonders

Soon after being introduced to the hamlet by Irina, the Wayward Students came to realize there are a host of magical effects in place.  The hamlet itself is undetectable unless someone who knows it shares the secret.  The entrance is a trap, while the real way to enter is through a magically relocating hidden door in the bushes.  The huts have no real doors, and are not truly huts but some kind of extradimensional space!

The Study

hut to the left of the entrance actually houses an enchanted study where two seemingly normal desks contain arcane secrets and a hatch at the top of the STAIRS leads to an unknown emergency escape!

The Stable

Straight across the way from the entrance is a stable that expands to have more stall doors than are needed.  Each enters a spacious animal stall with a window overlooking a beautiful sunny plains, and each has a grain or feed box that refills each morning with food for stabled animals.

The Barracks- Tower

The hut to the left is amazing.  The first story has a marble floor with a rug that turns into a heated pool.  The basement houses a kitchen and food stores.  Every floor above the first story- and we haven't found an end to them- houses a 4- sleeper barracks room that changes over the course of a person's stay to better suit their tastes and needs.

No Fire pit

Unlike South Fork Village, this hamlet has no central fire connected to the teleportation web used by the Benevolent Grove of Cedarspoke

About the Willowed Wisps Hamlet

Wayward Students Campaign


This Hamlet is from the D&D campaign run for the Wayward Students

Small package, Great wonders


This tiny hamlet holds many wondrous secrets and is truly  an Epic world hidden in a Small Town

Forgotten Realms


The Hamlet is situated in the Gulthmere Forest on Faerun in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting