The Wayward Students D&D Campaign

A troubled time in the Forgotten Realms

Having set out on a quest to help their old tutor, Alphinius, the Two Edges party became embroiled in an evil plot to usurp rule of the Dragon Coast and summon hosts of chromatic dragons.

After narrowly escaping a bewitched Fae maze, the group found several of their members missing, and came to realize they had somehow slipped ten years into the future- to a time when the evil plot has come to fruition and the lands around the Dragon Coast are in fact ruled over by evil dragon forces.  

To set the world of Toril right again, they must unravel the secret of the Dragoneye Soulstones!

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Wayward Students Crest

The Crest

This version of the Wayward Students' Crest has an octagonal border

The Wayward Students' Crest- Designed entirely by Luna!

Dice Bags!


These cool Dice Bags with the Wayward Students Crest were made for the group by Luna!

Team Shirts!


Using the crest deigned by Luna, we created these team shirts for all to show their Wayward Students Lineage!

The Wayward Students

Notable NPCs

Lree Treewalker

Lree Treewalker

A Druid of the Benevolent Grove of Cedarspoke, the party now has reason to believe she may be part of a rebellios faction known as the.....Autumnal Spring

Parthiggen Bridge Keeper

Parthiggen Bridge Keeper

Charged with guarding the entrance to the Bridge of Nine Sisters on the Green side, Parthiggen has challenged the party's right to cross.

Odrun Stoneheart

Odrun Stoneheart

having the onerous joy of being the first person the party encountered after emerging into a new future, Odrun was a gruff and unhelpful Druid servant of The Green



Former tutor of many of the members of the party, Alphinius is believed by some to be a dragon in disguise

Tillan of the Green flights

Tillan of the Green Flights

Master hunter of the Eriphise tribe, Tillan is dour and serious, with little time for nonsense and the party's wandering shenanigans.  Did he survive the raid into the Gulthmere?

Della, Mistress of the Wilds

Della and her pack of wolves

Morose and withdrawn in a manner much out of character for a Satyr, Della is Tillan's apprentice and a guardian of the Gulthmere Forest.  But does she serve the Green or is she their prisoner?




This Elven singer is a friend of Alphinius and travels with a silver Pseudodragon companion.  She was last reported to be investigating the lands of the Ebon Scale Cult to the south...



Sent by Lree to guide the Wayward Students into the Willowed Wisps Hamlet, this odd elfin woman has provided the party with much guidance and inspired as many questions as she has answered...



The sister of Inna... have the Wayward Students met her before?



Bound to an ancient Treant, this uniquely mobile Dryad has met the Wayward Students in the past and has recently contacted them with a cryptic message.



This ancient Treant is blessed with a Dryad bound to him, Corinne.  He helped the Wayward Students remove the infection at the Fae Fort of Eldarith.


A Tiefling Druid gone Ranger

This Tiefling Druid turned Ranger has a penchant for hunting and killing Fae creatures.  A former aide to Hasti the Green Dragonknight, will he meet the Wayward Students soon?

A Message in an Orb

This message was delivered to the Wayward Students as they were in the Hamlet of Willowed Wisps and contains an explanation of the origin of Dragoneye Soulstones from Alphinius!

Tracking our Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons

This campaign is played through Wizards of the Coast's fantastic Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.


All our campaign and character information is stored and tracked in the RealmWorks tool by WolfLair. Join to get members-only access to our Realmworks campaign to see what's really happening!

D&D Beyond

Our characters and books are stored on the D&D Beyond tool, in the Through the Door in the Woods campaign.

Hirst Arts

All our Dungeon maps are made with Hirst Arts blocks, using the incredible Castle Molds tools.

Hero Forge

All our characters and most of our NPCs are represented with minis made on the phenomenal Hero Forge tool.

Bynx's Travel Log

Bynx journals the adventures in his travel log to ensure his epic tale is told one day, and we track these logs on our Google Site.

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