Cleaving the World and Claiming their Loincloths

Two Edge


 Strangely obsessed with collecting loin cloths, Two Edge is a dwarf who tears into battle screaming his barbaric yalp while his dire boar, Bacon squeals like crazy 



Bacon is Two Edge's magical mount, a Dire Boar that can be summoned from a small clay figurine gifted to him by Alphinius. 

Tracking our Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons

This campaign is played through Wizards of the Coast's fantastic Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.


All our campaign and character information is stored and tracked in the RealmWorks tool by WolfLair. Join to get members-only access to our Realmworks campaign to see what's really happening!

D&D Beyond

Our characters and books are stored on the D&D Beyond tool, in the Through the Door in the Woods campaign.

Hirst Arts

All our Dungeon maps are made with Hirst Arts blocks, using the incredible Castle Molds tools.

Hero Forge

All our characters and most of our NPCs are represented with minis made on the phenomenal Hero Forge tool.

Bynx's Travel Log

Bynx journals the adventures in his travel log to ensure his epic tale is told one day, and we track these logs on our Google Site.