Small Towns 1

Brigid's Hollow

Brigid's Hollow

This Medieval Fantasy town is the setting for all our Zombicide Black Plague and Green Horde games.

Baas Rattan


This Desert town on the famous world of Tattooine is the setting for our Star Wars Legion games and the starting place of our Edge of the Empire Campaign

Willowed Wisps Hamlet


This small hamlet turned out to be so much more than The Wayward Students ever imagined!  

Small Towns 2

Coming Soon- Carremvek !!


This small town in the empire of Norveau rests near the wall that separates the civilized lands from the Wilds beyond.  

The ST in STEW

Living IN Small Towns

Whether you're from the tiniest village in eastern Siberia or the screaming streets of New York, we all share one thing in common- in our hearts we belong to a small community.

That place where we hang our hearts is our Small Town- no matter its size.  Here in the STEW, we strive to maximize the therapeutic effect of our games by anchoring them in Small Towns we can really connect to and find a place of our own in.

In each of these villages you'll find people you know and care about, and they care about you too.  From Grimm Bear at his smithy in Brigid's Hollow to Brother Lar's Used Speeders in Baas Rattan, when you explore these Small Towns, you're really coming home.

We are building these towns both in the physical world with hobby and modeling and in the world of imaginative community.  You can join the STEW and start being a resident in one of these Small Towns.  Get to know the other residents and learn about their lives and adventures.  While you're looking around, take note of the names and places- they're NOT random and they all have deep connected meanings... and if you walk around enough you just may find your own place!

No place feels warmer than being with our friends in our Small Town.
No place feels warmer than being with our friends in our Small Town.