Where ya been all those years. Kriv?

Kriv was the only party member to come out of the Fae Maze and NOT get transported 10 years into the future.  How?  Why?  What did he do all that time and how did he end up being a Clay Figurine????  Wanna know?  Ask Kriv!

A Hand May Strum, Punch, of Facepalm

Krivxiros Qelsashi

Krivixeros, Copper Dragonborn Monk

Despite a promising start with a deep, throaty voice and a winning charm, Kriv's days as a bard were truly numbered as the presence of tables has some kind of cursed effect on his luck.  Kriv is now a Monk.

Dire Wolf Schnozzberry

Kriv on his Dire Wolf

 Kriv's magical mount, a Dire Wolf that can be summoned from a small clay figurine gifted to him by Alphinius.  

The Tales of Kriv the Bard

Seeking to inspire the Wayward Students to greater deeds, Kriv has created a Playlist of songs to accompany their journeys!  

(Please let us know if you could reproduce any of these on Classical Instruments in a Minstrel-like fashion!)

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