Some visions from the game day...

Know where you're going!


You don't make it anywhere in the Underdark without a map- and David kept the crew in the know with his fine mapping skills!

A path of discovery


This is the map as David created it during the journey- a work of art!

Everything started off shiny!


Beginning the game with the heroes just completing the mission to slay a dragon was a great turnabout

Who's afraid of the Dark?


Traveling in the Underdark, the Intrepid Dragonslayers lit their way with a pair of driftglobes

The stuff of life!


The map unfolds as good friends enjoy hard times!

Can you say RUN???


Why, Yes- that IS a Poisonous Displacer Hydra!!!

Denizens of Nhuul Yaarek

The Three Un-Migos


Pressed into service disposing of unwanted dead bodies, these trolls are fierce and angry!

Stoned by the Sisters


These Greater Medusae have carved out a swath of tunnels and are building a lovely statue garden- care to join them?

It's Just a Phase


When you run into a Phase Drider ambush, the only thing left to do is RUN

A Hulking Problem


Digging new tunnels all the time, these dangerous Umber Hulks make the true form of the caverns of Nhuul Yaarek unknowable

A Very Rare Herd


Pressed together by a Duerdar Ranger, this actual herd of Gorgons may be one of the worst ways to enjoy fresh steak anywhere!

The Big Ugly


Prior to Glavok's arrival, this Fomorian was the ugliest thing in all Nhuul Yaarek- and he intends to reclaim his title!

Escape From Nhuul Yaarek!

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D&D Beyond Campaign

The Intrepid Dragonslayers

Callahan Rainstrider


See on Heroforge

Chronus Catslayer Grakloshu


See on Heroforge

Balkur, maukk al Unde


Torash Caavylteradyn


See on Heroforge

Glavok Ironheart


See on Heroforge

The Intrepid Dragonslayers Character Sheets


Callahan Rainstrider

Halfling Rogue

Callahan on D&D Beyond

Chronus Catslayer Grakloshu

Goliath Barbarian

Chronus on D&D Beyond

Balkur, maukk al Unde

Dwarf Paladin

Balkur on D&D Beyond


Tiefling Warlock

Seerin on D&D Beyond

Glavok Ironheart

Dwarf Barbarian

Glavok on D&D Beyond

Torash Caavylteradyn

Dragonborn Cleric

Torash on D&D Beyond

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