Epic Worlds

The Wayward Students (D&D5e)

The Wayward Students at the Standing Stones of Eldarith

This Dungeons & Dragons Campaign is where the STEW started.  The Wayward Students make their way in a cruel mash-up of the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance worlds

The Enlightened Travelers (SWRPG)

The Enlightened Travelers

An unlikely band of misfits just too many botched jobs into their budding careers, the Enlightened Travelers set out to give it one more shot in this Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign based in Baas Rattan

Beyond the Wall (D&D5e)


When a group of friends make a huge mistake, they have to risk everything to keep it from ruining their village so they go beyond the ancient Fae wall into the unknown and deadly Wild...

The Plague Awakens (ZOM-BP/GH)


Zombicide Black Plague games in the town of Brigid's Hollow, where lives are ended, friendships begin, and memories never die...kind of like zombies...

Rebels Never Lose Hope (SWL)

Rebel forces aligned against patrolling Imperials in Baas Rattan

The Rebel forces of Necca Rebbash stand valiantly against the crushing might of the Empire in these narrative-style games of Star Wars Legion

Escape from Nhuul Yaarek (D&D5e)


Having just defeated a powerful Black Dragon, our heroes take a moment to pause and reflect, when the whole world collapses from under them and they are painfully deposited in the Underdark!  Can they make it out with their hard- won treasure?

Deredo's Desert raiders

A Rodian Rebel Army

A pair of Rodian Desert Raiders scout the badlands on their speedy riding lizards

A pair of Rodian scouts ride their horned lizards across the badlands in search of Imperial threats

The EW in STEW

Living FOR Epic Worlds

No matter where we are in our lives, or how far we've come, there's a yearning in us all for something EPIC!

We believe that the very soul of mankind is Epic Voyages, and that the modern age has constrained that in a way that leaves many of us feeling stranded.  

The Epic Worlds you see here are our way of getting back what was lost, and giving back to those who support our wild adventures.

We want to share these Epic Worlds with all those whose souls need a little walk in the beyond.  Come join us and together we can explore the vastness of our imaginations, where the most truly Epic Worlds are all found

My brother and my daughter bonding over a game.  No truer bond exists than one forged in adventure
My brother and my daughter bonding over a game. No truer bond exists than one forged in adventure