Deredo's Rodian Raiders

A Rebel Faction

Not all the Galaxy's inhabitants are human or near- humans.  When the Empire's crushing fist came down upon all the systems of the Old Republic, many were impacted.  

From a desert planet near the Rodian system, a group of colonists lead by the Explorer Deredo were attacked by Imperial troops seeking to take the resources from their world- rare Nadangeicite and Emerdilium crystals,  Deredo lead his people in a daring counter-attack and fought them off.  They have since gone into hide and attack mode with the Empire, coming out to strike where they can while searching for more crystal deposits for reasons Deredo has not made known.

Where do these come from?

I crafted these miniatures using  Autodesk Netafbb to kitbash models from Thingiverse and Heroforge.  I sub them in for Rebel units I own in the Legion game and play them exactly as the rebels they replace.