Villagers of Brigid's Hollow

Grimwolf the Armorer

Grimwolf, Villager of Brigid's Hollow

Grimwolf's Armory crafts the best armor in Brigid's Hollow!

Lyndra, Spinner of mystical threads

Lyndra, villager of Brigid's Hollow

Crafting fine garments and enchanting Grimwolf armor, Lyndra's wares are unmatched!

Brave Kriv, Turner of Tables

Kriv, Villager of Brigid's Hollow

Kriv's days of adventure are retold in his haunting melodies and boastful tales!

Businesses of Brigid's Hollow

Grimwolf Armory

Grimwolf Armory Knight with Warhammer set

Villagers can obtain custom crafted armor and weaponry for conventions and parades at Grimwolf's.

MakWiesel's Arcane Planning


MakWiesel makes plans for magical artifacts, usable by any who possess the arcane power to bring them into existence.

Whimsy Bakery

Haley's Birthday cake from Whimsy Bakery

The zany and reportedly enchanted cakes and other sweet creations coming from this bakers' shop are craved by all Brigidians!