Star Wars Legion Games

1 DEC 2018 Doctor Aphra vs. Boba Fett


When Boba Fett is tasked with apprehending Doctor Aphra, he learns that she is meeting with an operative in Baas Rattan on Tattooine.  The crafty Bounty Hunter sets a trap she's sure to fall into- or is he falling into her trap???

Behind the Scenes

Fantasy Flight Games


Publishers of the excellent Star Wars Legion, Imperial Assault, and line of Star Wars Role-Playing Games, Fantasy Flight is THE place for Star Wars gaming

Imperial Terrain


Looking to make your own Star Wars village- Imperial Terrain is a GREAT source for 3D printable or printed terrain pieces, and has a host of hobby tips to make the most of your setting.

Corvus Terrain


If you're looking to make your own Star Wars setting, Corvus has a great variety of sets that can give you unique settings.



The 3D printing community has a lot of open-source and free printable files, and I've found Thingiverse a great source for those little extras that make a setting your own.  

Hirst Arts


Looking to build a detailed interior of a Sci-Fi building or Starship?  Hirst Arts makes molds to allow you to do it in style!

Hero Forge


If you want to make a custom miniature for your Star Wars RPG character, Hero Forge is a great tool to fine tune exactly what you want!